Friday Aug 4 – Monday Aug 7 2017

At the Beautiful Filberg Park in Comox on Vancouver Island BC

Friday- Sunday 10am – 6pm, Monday 10am-5pm

120 Artisans from across Canada, tons of live music and yummy food in a gorgeous setting


More info and tickets HERE

Join me once again at the the Bloom Market in Fort Langley Mother’s Day weekend!

Shop local and handmade from 24+ artisans.

I am excited to share lots of new work!

When: Saturday and Sunday May 13-14 10am-5pm

Where: Fort Langley Community Hall

Cost: $2 admission (kids 12 and under free)

I will be a part of a group show at THRIVE studios. We are one of several locations on the art walk.

Grab a map at any location and get your ROVE on!

More info here

I will be back at the Filberg Festival this year.. my favorite event of the summer!

When- August long weekend. August 4-7

Friday- Sunday 10-6

Monday 10-5

More info here:

The Yapes Paints annual Birthday contest is back! Each year in February I celebrate another year in business as a thriving artist with a fun contest. It is my way of saying THANK YOU for all of your support!

This year I am hosting an “Inspiring Tree Photo Contest”! As you know, I am a bit tree obsessed and trees can be found in most of my painting. For me, the deep roots, strong trunks and reaching branches symbolize strength, growth, community and family. I also find trees totally magical! I want you to share a photo of a tree you find inspiring. Tell me a little story about that tree, where it lives, why it stood out to you and what it means to you. I will be choosing the top 3 entries and having my social media followers vote for their top pick. Later this year I will create a painting inspired by the winning photo!

How to enter:

  1. Take a photo of a tree that inspires you, one that stands out as extra special to you. (* To enter this must be a photo you have taken yourself, may be a photo from the past or present, may be edited*)
  2. Email the photo to me at along with these 3 things:
    1. Where the photo was taken
    2. Why it stood out to you (why did you choose this tree over others)
    3. What it means to you (What memories, inspiration or symbolism does it hold for you
  3. Post the photo along with your text that explains these 3 things to your social media accounts making sure to tag @yapespaints and use hashtag #yapespaintsbirthdaycontest. You will receive one extra entry per social media platform you post to (ie post to facebook, instagram and twitter and get 3 extra entries!)                                                                                                                                                                                                               Deadline to enter is February 28th. The following week I will share my top 3 pics and ask my followers to vote for their favorite entry.

What you could win:

**The ‘favorite entry’ winner will receive an 11×14 limited edition giclee canvas print of their choice! and 6 pack of art cards

(Images can be selected from those I have available in my online shop available in paper prints)

**The 2 runners up with receive a 6 pack of my art cards!

Contest Rules:

****** Please note by entering this contest you give me permission to share you photo and explanation on my social media accounts

Below is an example of a contest entry:

I’m celebrating 8 years as an artist entrepreneur (where as the time gone!?). Since adult colouring is all the rage at the moment I thought why not celebrate with a fun coloring contest (kids welcome too).

colouring contest photo low res

How to Enter

1. PRINT off the coloring contest page below. It is also available on my site home page.  It will fit on to regular 8.5×11 printer paper, you may need to choose ‘fit to page’ in your print setting if it doesn’t seem to be printing correctly.

2. COLOUR Use crayons, pencil crayons, felts, pastels, paint.. whatever your heart desires. Points for creativity here! Please don’t copy the colors in my painting. I want you to use your own creativity!

3. SHARE Take a photo of your completed masterpiece (you can be in it!) and post to social media. Use hashtag #yapespaintscolouringcontest. Post on your facebook page AND my Yapes Paints facebook page, Post to your twitter or instagram and tag @yapespaints (follow me too, dont forget the hashtag!).If you do not use social media no problem! You can email me ( the photo to enter. Please note I will share the image on my social media. Also note that by sharing an image on social media you give me permission to share your image with my own social media streams.

4. HOW TO WIN There will be 2 prizes:

I will narrow it down to my top 3 choices then have my follows vote to decide the winner!

*1 RANDOM DRAW. You could win simply by entering! You get 1 draw per share (ie if you share to facebook, instagram AND twitter that is 3 entries to the draw.. so share as much as possible. (Dont forget to tag @yapespaints and use #yapespaintscolouringcontest).

Best Masterpiece: 1 of my 11×14 prints plus a 6 pack of my art cards ( you choose the print and card images)
Random Draw: A 6 pack of my art cards (You choose the images)

The Rules

* You may only enter 1 colouring masterpiece per person so make it your best!
* Contest Runs Feb 15 – Feb 29, 2016
* I will post my top choices for best masterpiece March 1st, 2016.
* I will draw the random prize draw winner March 1st, 2016.
* Winners will be notified via email or social media (however you enter).

*Both Adults and kids are welcome to enter

Good Luck! I can not wait to see your creations!

*Click the link below to download and print colouring sheet*



Its the last day of 2015 and a time for reflection on this past year.

Like most it has had its up and down rides and this year (and a half) has hosted more personal stress then I have ever experienced in my life, however I still managed to achieve a record year in my personal art sales and meet many of my business goals and for that I feel strong and proud. From this experience I have learned that all of my hard work in building an art business is finally paying off and I have systems now in place to ensure that even when worlds feel like they are falling apart the artist portion of myself can continue to thrive.

Goals reached and  achievements met in 2015.. with my wonderful supporters help! 

The painting of my 1st Murals:

I have always enjoyed painting BIG so when I was asked to create a mural for the ‘Live Well Exercise Clinic’ in South Surrey I jumped at the chance. With any first time experience there is always some nerves and self doubt but once I started the project I loved doing it! Its so cool to be able to great a piece the allows program participants to share their achievements and feel inspired! I later painted a 2nd mural at the Morgan Creek Medical Office in South Surrey and hope to paint more in 2016

Live Well MuralMural Morgan Creek Medical

My Largest canvas painting to date! 

I was commissioned by a lovely parent at the ‘Lord Kitchener Elementary School’ in Vancouver to create a very large painting to be displayed in the front entrance of the school. ‘The Welcome Branch’ is a 4ft tall by 15 ft wide triptych acrylic on canvas. ‘Welcome’ is written on each leaf in one of the languages represented by the school. It has not yet been hung in the school but I will be sure to share photos when it is up!

lord kitchener insta

114 Original Painting Sold! 

I started the year with a goal of passing my record of 89 painting sold in 1 year and wow, you helped me blow that goal out of the water! I feel so honoured and humbled that 114 of my original paintings found new homes this year. Totally Surreal! Thank you!

'Away from it all' 24x48 acrylic on Canvas. $1400 by April Lacheur

My New backyard studio is almost ready! 

In July my husband and I bought a house in Maple Ridge. Its a cute rancher on a huge yard full of beautiful trees and plants and we just love it. Its been a lot of work to renovate it (was in need of a serious update) but we have been plugging away and we are loving how its coming together. My husband has done an amazing job of turing our back yard outbuilding (basically a big shed) into an amazing studio! Insulated, dry walled, heat and electrical. We are are in the final stages and adding all the fun cosmetic stuff. I will be able to move in and start working in my new space early in 2016. Yeah!

studio outside

I want to take a moment to thank each and every one of you who are fans of my work. I could not be living my artist dream without you and for that I am so thankful! Every time you talk about my work, show it to your friends, like, share, comment, give me feedback at shows and purchase my work you are helping me to further my artist career. Thank you.  I wish each and every one of you and Happy, Health and creative 2016.

x0x0- April (aka Yapes)

header for media pageSeptember 2015-

Its has been quite a while since I posted in my ‘Artist’s Life’ blog series …. so here it goes! One thing I often think about and chat about with other artists is all of the different skills an artist must possess in order to be successful that actually have nothing to do with creating art. Many people think that artists live a dreamy life of sleep ins, sipping tea, and quietly working all day in their large lofty studios.  Au contraire, there are many other ‘hats’ artists wear that have nothing to do with throwing paint at a canvas. In fact there are so many other roles that I often find myself overwhelmed and struggling to find time to actually PAINT! Also, these are often skills that artists are just expected to have or need to struggle to pick up along that way.

Here are ’10 Job Titles Artist Possess That Have Nothing to Do With Creating Art’

  1. Marketer / Social Media GuruThese days many artists are choosing to omit the gallery route and represent themselves. With the development of the internet  more and more artists are promoting themselves through websites and social media. I find these things can work brilliantly BUT its takes time and consistency to really work = time away from the easel. Now a days artists MUST have a website. This means having the ability to create or at least update and maintain a website. Also, artists are expected to not only have a website but also a social media presence. This means consistent posts on Facebook, instagram, twitter ect… fweff!
  2. Photographer- In order to be able to share their work online artists must have awesome photos of their work. This requires not only the skills to be able to use a high quality camera and properly light their work but also the ability to edit and resize photos usually using programs such a photoshop. Its also becoming apparent that artists need to have the ability to take artful and interesting photos that show studio activity, inspirations and images that help social media followers get to know them better as a person and works to build their personal brand.
  3. Book Keeper- Invoicing, collecting and submitting pst/gst, keeping track of income and expenses and paying income tax. Sure you can hire someone to do this but most artists especially starting out are on a tight budget and thus need to learn these skills themselves which requires learning to use some sort of book keeping software.
  4. Customer Service Representative- Answering emails and customer inquires, doing quotes, taking orders, meeting customers face to face or by phone. I believe customer service in any business including selling art is very important and takes time and commitment.
  5. Shipping and Receiving Expert- Artists need to know how to package their artwork safely for shipping and be aware of what shipping options exist. Mastering the use of tape gun and the ability to custom size a box are skills I am still working on !
  6. Handyman/builder- Once an artist has created their work they must find a way to display it at shows. Many artists will struggle trying to find a functional and easy way to hang their art. This often requires building walls of some kind requiring use of hand tools and dare I say POWER tools !
  7. Laborer- Loading art and display materials in and out of the car (and trying to make it FIT in the car! eek), hauling art from the car to the display area, setting up tables, walls, lights. Setting it up, taking it down, setting it up, taking it down. I call it ‘The Artist Workout’.. not for the faint of heart!
  8. Lighting Expert- Lighting for both creating art and showing art is super important and can be incredibly frustrating. It a real skill for artists to be able to understand and create the best lighting for their art. This is something I continue to try to improve on!
  9. Organizational Specialist- keeping stock organized, being on top of ordering supplies, keeping on top of commission deadlines, meeting deadlines for show applications, organizing meetings ect ect ect.
  10. Human Resource manager- Being an artist means being self employed. This means having to arrange our own Health Insurance, EI, CPP ect. Its a big  job in itself just to understand how all this stuff works!  oh and by the way there is not holiday or sick pay with this job.

Fellow Artists… did I miss anything?

As an artist many of these things I have had to learn on my own and many of these things skills I am still developing.   I love being a self-employed, self-promoting artist but I often struggle with balancing all of the hats. I am always working on trying to find more efficient uses of time and ways of outsourcing some of these jobs so that I have more time in front of the easel. If any one has any tips or techniques for better balance and time management I welcome them!

Until next time, happy creating!

April Lacheur

Skevik SkisWhen Glenn and Gregg of Skevik Skis asked me to create a 2nd graphic for their ‘handmade in BC’ skis I was of course stoked! I love a project and a challenge and of course love seeing my art on their beautiful skis!

This time we worked closer together on the idea and image striving to create something that depicted the ‘perfect ski day’. Now I must admit, I don’t ski (snowboard is more my thing though I will not say Im great at it ..ha!). I took at lot of direction from the guys at Skevik to let me know what exactly the perfect ski day looked like. Powder and pillows in the backcountry were key plus capturing the mountain to water feel that we are so lucky to have here in beautiful BC! Although I may not be a skier I share a love for the mountains, trees and landscapes of BC much like Glenn and Greg. Its hard not to want to paint them! So inspiring!

I was lucky enough to receive a pair of both sets of skis featuring my art work. (I had painted a maple tree image that became the Lacheur Graphic 1 a few years back). I decided to hang them on my wall as art! (my husband attached a little loop hook on the back) Everyone who comes to my place loves them! They make truly unique art pieces and are an awesome ‘handmade in BC’ collaboration. I just love how the wood grains show through on the edges of the skis! The Anton version of the skis are nice and wide and show lots of the graphics… great for wall hanging. I think they would be super cool as art in a ski cabin or cafe or pub at a ski resort. Don’t you? Check out for more info and ordering.


art-for-haiti-01One of the major reasons I became a Registered Nurse was simply because I wanted to be able to help and heal people. After starting my career as an RN in 2003 my passion for painting became my outlet for dealing with this high stress job. Over time my passion for art became greater then my passion for nursing but my desire to help people has not diminished. I realized that I could use my art to help people just like my Nursing skills.

april-lacheur-moonlight-escape-whiteOne of my goals as a Nurse has always been to volunteer in a 3rd world country. A few years back I met Laura Whitney at the Project Aftershock Thrift store in White Rock; A shop she had started in order to raise funds to travel to Haiti twice year to run medical clinics. She too had a passion.  She had quit her full time Nursing job to pursue and an overwhelming desire to help people much less fortunate then us in Haiti. I hope you get to meet Laura one day. Her positivity and passion are truly infectious and inspiring.

'Hoo's Branch' 18x24 SOLDI have chosen to host an online silent auction selling some of my artwork to raise funds for Laura’s Charity ‘Project Aftershock’ 100% of the money raised from selling the art (minus the cost of shipping ) will be donated to Project Aftershock. Some of the money will be used to send a very special 13 year old girl Mikelange to school. Laura sponsors her large family by providing them with housing, food and medical supplies and I wanted to help to send their daughter to school. Without education young girls in Haiti often fall into a life of prostitution and the thoughts of this happening to Mikelange is too much for me to bare. Just $150 sends her to school for a whole year and can change her whole future. I hope to be able to raise more money in my fundraiser that will be used to medically treat people in Haiti as well.  A little money goes a long way there. As an example $1 buys a child an parasite medication that can save their life.

art-for-haiti-02Starting Jan 19th and running till Feb 2 will be my online silent auction. You can find the auction here: Sign up to bid on the site. You can either bid or use the ‘buy now’ option. You can find art cards, matted prints, canvas prints and original paintings in the auction! Items will be shipped via Canada post the following week. Thank you so much for your bids and purchases. It really means a lot. Thank you for helping me to use my art to help and heal. xoxoxo April