Definition of Yapes Paints:

Yapes: (y-ape-s) April’s nick name Paints: She sure does!

April Lacheur is self-taught artist living in beautiful Maple Ridge near Vancouver BC Canada. Her career as an artist began in 2007 when she was asked to display her work in a restaurant in Victoria BC and much to her pleasant surprise had great success selling her work. This gave her the confidence to continue on creating paintings and building a thriving art business. April has been living her dream of being an artist selling her work at art markets, in galleries and in retail stores around across Canada.

April is also a Registered Nurse having worked in post open heart surgery, palliative care, community care and now working in a private family practice as a diabetes educator once a week. April truly value the balance painting brings to her life . Having no formal art training, she has learned to paint by experimenting in her studio. April’s unique style has been developing since I was a child and is one that is uniquely identifiable as her own. She uses acrylic paint and ink on canvas and wood to create bold interpretations of west coast nature. Growing up on the West Coast of BC, April has long been inspired by the beauty of trees, the strength of the ocean and the magic of the creatures that inhabit her homeland.  April is most well known for her trees with deep twisting roots symbolizing the human connection with nature.

Artist Statement

I love the feeling of creating a flowing line with ink and a brush, the excitement and emotion bold colors evoke and the place I loose myself too each time my brush hits the canvas.

It starts with an inspiration from a life experience; something small like a lovely walk outside or something huge like a life lesson just learned. I choose a color signifying the feeling of that experience. I’m not much of a planner when it comes to my paintings. I have the general concept in my mind and let the piece progress organically as I’m working with the acrylic paint. One of my favorite parts of painting is that the end result is often a pleasant surprise. I may also add other mediums including fabrics, metals and papers to my work giving life to some elements such as tree trunks or bird feathers. My work is always finished with clean lines of acrylic ink. My style is unique and has developed over a long time, ever since I was a child. Bold colors, crisp lines, trees with twisting roots, birds with long legs and florals with dancing petals are common themes in my work.

The message in my work is always positive and may be different for every admirer. I use painting as a positive balancing element in my life and I think my true love and passion for it is reflected in my work. I am most well known for my whimsical trees with twisting trunks and reaching branches. They signify deep roots, strong growth and tall ambition.

I show my work in art fairs, galleries, cafes and retail locations around BC. My original paintings are part of private collections in Canada, USA, Australia, Asia and the UK. I plan to continue to create and share my work and am excited to see how my style and skills develop. It’s the start of a long and creative path ahead!